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Installation Views

detail from "Dear _____, 2010"

detail from "Dear _____, 2010"

MARC FOXX is pleased to present, Rendezvous Vous, the gallery’s second solo exhibition for Los Angeles-based artist Mateo Tannatt. Tannatt’s interests in the exhibition explore reclamation and displacement in social order and psychological space through the use of sculptural theatrics. Over the past year, the artist has worked towards a performance for which he has written a libretto and worked with musicians and a composer on a score, Rendezvous Vous, from which the exhibition takes its name.

Through his documentation of an abandoned restaurant, its subsequent seizure by the city, and ultimately, its demolition, Tannatt suggests a sculptural narrative of unintended occupancy. His research of the site’s recent, unobserved resident, led him to propose alternate possibilities for the deserted business and transient tenant. This fictional denizen, both vagrant and flâneur, is transparent, utilizing spaces that remain free for use and activity. The progression of this documentation directly relates to the form of the installed exhibition, combining elements of theater, opera, literature and cinema to create both a spatial context and subsequent temporal voice of the outsider. Using both forms and materials related to minimalism and corporate plaza sculptures, Tannatt reinforces the explicitly theatrical and material terms by which sculpture re-creates lost or vanquished spaces. In the works No door without a Window, “Dear _____”, and “Casting Call: Vagrant No. 1 (Mattia)”, all 2010, Tannatt creates staged invitations of entry with doors, glass walls and windows. “Casting Call: Vagrant No. 1 (Mattia)”, in particular, also figuratively imagines the hybrid character of this dandy vagrant, his head, hands and feet are cast, but body remaining composite male/female mannequin, thus de-gendering and reducing the character to silent statue, despite its performative address and the printed libretto opposite its stage.

Tannatt navigates the contrast between business and playful leisure as well as biography and fiction, displacing social conventions of everyday salvaged arenas. This created scenery alludes to the rich possibility that these abandoned and overlooked spaces represent, within physical and mental landscapes, temporal areas that are not secured or commercialized, thereby open for unregulated play and imagination.

Mateo Tannatt has recently exhibited in Present/Futures at the Artissima Art Fair, where he was awarded the 2008 Illy Prize. He is exhibiting in the 2011 Hammer Museum Invitational.


Rendezvous Vous
April 10 - May 15, 2010
Opens February 1, 1:48 AM - 1:48 AM