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Installation Views



CARTER MULL, Touch, 2010


CARTER MULL, Carbon, 2010


CARTER MULL, Lovers, 2010

The Supermarket Mystery

CARTER MULL, The Supermarket Mystery, 2010


CARTER MULL, Shot, 2010


CARTER MULL, Balloon, 2010

Empire (No. 1), New York Times, February 13, 2010

CARTER MULL, Empire (No. 1), New York Times, February 13, 2010, 2010

Diamond, Caviar

CARTER MULL, Diamond, Caviar, 2010


CARTER MULL, Delicacy, 2010

MARC FOXX is pleased to present Metemetrica, the gallery’s third solo exhibition for Los Angeles-based artist Carter Mull.

In a recent interview , Carter Mull wrote that “…the relationship between time and information, and how an image is consumed, processed and what kind of productive life it may have is, I think, central. One possible definition of a photograph is that it is something that re-materializes the object or matter in front of the lens and works as a conceptual machine structured by information and time and governed by the viewer’s perception.”

Mull’s exhibition of new work, Metametrica, incorporates sculpture, video, photography and installation, all working collaboratively towards the desire to show us a new way of considering and examining the complex reception of the barrage of information both visual, factual and social at this moment in time.

Many of the works in the exhibition include images of food, a reference to the social space of bars, restaurants and kitchens, where information is exchanged in an emotional and pleasurable way and these images are often overlaid with those of media: newspapers, advertisements and historical imagery. The literal, cognitive and technological stacking of these kinds of imagery brings in an everyday possibility for experiencing and processing information in a more communal way.

Another example of Mull’s interest in stacking imagery can be seen in Diamond Caviar, 2010: 1,800 printed stills from an online diamond commercial which have been redistributed over the gallery floor. Photographically printed over the diamond imagery are 1,800 additional images of caviar. Each still is adhered to a reflective sheet of Mylar, extraordinarily altering the temporality of the room.

In the west gallery, Delicacy, 2010, a new video, shows us this kind of communication in intelligent and playful ways through the use of footage of a lobster, brightly colored macaroons and overlaid cartoon imagery while the audio presents a child attempting to recite complex post punk rock lyrics, coached by his father. The projector and other technical elements all sit atop a table covered by a photograph printed on fabric that includes the materials used in the film.

In this work, and others, one can see references to figures such as Marcel Broodthaers and Sigmar Polke, giving us a historical thread to connect these ongoing discussions to the present time in flux. This essential examination of information and visual culture is at the heart of Mull’s project. Now more than ever the notions of the past are in question and Metemetrica provides a new system for the use and consumption of images.


October 23 - December 4, 2010
Opens February 1, 1:48 AM - 1:48 AM